Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Centennial Car Repair Shop

Toy Car Care has your Centennial car repair shop and more. We offer great prices, guarantees, specialization in Toyota, Scion and Lexus, experienced and knowledgeable staff and we love what we do. Our car repair shop is all about you, the customer. When you walk through our doors it all starts with a friendly greeting right down to making you comfortable while we service your vehicle. Enjoy a coffee in our waiting room and catch up on some work while we tend to the details of your repair, service or general maintenance. Toy Car Care has years of experience in the industry and offers quality original parts so you get the best for your dollar.

Don't waste your time at the other car repair shop when Toy Car Care is all you will ever need or want in a service center. We offer value, service, selection without all the hassles that a large dealership does and that is what sets us apart from anyone else. Call and schedule your appointment today and be surprised at what you will find at a car repair shop like Toy Car Care. We are ahead of the competition in every way and that is why we are number one. 

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